Our origins

Our origins

The company, Amenabar, was founded on November the 2nd 1962 by Javier and José Mari Amenabar’s brothers.

Since its constitution, to the present day, we continue to be one of the few Spanish companies, or if not the only manufacturer of Hoists, remaining loyal to our principles: TO EXCELL in the Hoist and Chains Market, both at a national and international level.

With over 40 years in the market, manufacturing Lifting Equipment, at Amenabar we know that the most demanding client requirements are satisfied by our products. We use the highest quality materials and the latest technology in their manufacture.

In 1964, we were granted the Patent for “REGULATING BRAKES”, a device which has been incorporated in our hoists ever since.

In response to the demanding approval of the market, Amenabar expanded and the remaining Amenabar brothers, Martin, Leonardo, Juan José and Marivi joined the company.

In 1973, the manufacture and marketing of Powered Chain Hoist commenced. In the same year, due to the poor quality of the existing chains on the market, the decision was made to manufacture chains to be used in our hoists.

In the decade of the 80’s, we made important investments in machinery, mainly to improve the quality of our products and position ourselves in the leading line of hoist and chain manufacturers.

In 1980, we launched the third generation of Hand Chain Hoists, incorporating a simplified braking system and the permanent guiding system as an innovative feature, which even today gives us a safety and operation guarantee advantage over other products on the market.

In 1984, following our innovative culture, we developed the Simplified Powered Chain Hoist, which corresponds to the second generation of Powered Chain Hoists.

In 1985, we began our international course, launching our products on the South American, North African and European markets.

It was in 1994, when driven by the desire for on-going improvement and innovation that we applied for the Spanish Patent for the Third Generation of Powered Chain Hoists, which was granted in 1999. In the same year, we applied for the European patent, which was granted in March 2001.