Profitability for the Client

Profitability for the Client

Why do Amenabar products offer clients increased profitability?

Because our products offer many years of problem-free operationundefined.


Thanks to our permanent guidance, the load chain cannot be jammed or broken.


Amenabar guarantees all of its hoists for 3 years.


The patented design of our immediate action brake speeds up descents and reduces the effort made to lower loads, with an unlimited life.

Useful Life

In each phase of design, consideration is given to ensuring many hours of safe operation.


The nut of the load chain is made out of alloyed steel mechanised in numerical control and with a thermal antideterioration treatment.


The load chain is manufactured in accordance with the regulation EN 818/7, whereby it is thermally treated against deterioration and is coated with a zinc treatment to avoid rusting.


The main body, comprising of two pieces guarantees the permanent guidance and sealing, preventing harmful elements from penetrating. A more compact and resistant unit is achieved.


It is only necessary to maintain the chain permanently oiled.


It may easily be adapted to operate in an inverted or lateral manner.

Prior testing

Each chain hoist is subjected to prior testing with 125% of its nominal load before leaving the factory.