The future

The future

Following these four decades, we continue to enjoy the trust of our clients (friends in many cases), suppliersundefined. It is for this reason that we are encouraged to continue innovating and creating new products.

We know that there are increasingly more clients seeking a better quality and safety of the equipment purchased, whether it is Hoists, Chains, Slingsundefined etc.

INNOVATION shall be, as it has been to date, our priority concern in the forthcoming years.

As we believe in the future:

  • We invest in new machinery for a new understanding of production.

  • We invest in our work cells and plant distribution for increased flexibility.

  • We invest in new methods of optimising design.

  • We invest in new personnel, based on accumulated experience since 1962, producing the best hoists on the market.

And as we believe in the future, we have DESIGNED

THE NEW GENERATION OF CHAIN HOISTS, which further strengthens our market position due to their advanced concept and ergonomic, safe and practical design.

We have advanced and we continue improving the finishes of Chains and their presentation.

At Amenabar, the future is