AL Toggle Pulleys


Compact and lightweight for professional use.

The AMENABAR AL series lever pulley allows handling loads from 250 Kg. to 1.500 Kg., for any lifting measurement.

It is the smallest, lightest, strongest and best performing lever hoist in corrosive environments with DACROMET® finished internal components.

With a chain guide system that prevents the chain from slipping out of the load chain sprocket under any circumstances. Ideal for extreme jobs.


Our range of aluminium pulleys combines the qualities most desired by users:

The lightest and most compact

Short lever

Main components in Aluminium

4-bowl loading nut

Single reducer

Special grease for high and low temperatures

According to EN 13157 and EN 12195-3

Load chain according to EN 818/7


All this to offer:

Maximum safety: Innovative cast iron brake disc works instantly when lifting stops, safely supporting the load.

Maximum durability: Body and housings made of aluminium alloy for lightness and precision, as well as strength.

Maximum reliability: Each device is tested to withstand a 50% overload (Test Load Certificate)

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