Electric hoists


Great resistance and guaranteed cost-effectiveness

Amenabar electric hoists are the result of our staff’s extensive experience combined with the advanced technology incorporated into our machines and manufacturing processes.

These are the only ones on the market with permanent steering, made up of two central sections that ensure that the load chain is steered throughout its course in the nut’s rotation surface.


Our electric hoist range brings together the most sought-after user features:

  • Maximum safety: patented instant-action safety brake.
  • High reliability: the permanent steering system patented by Amenabar prevents the load chain from jamming or breaking.
  • Multipurpose: can operate in any position: vertical, horizontal and inverted.
  • Maximum service life: designed and manufactured to work at full load (heavy duty) in the most severe conditions for years (FEM 2m Group).
  • Minimal maintenance: only chain oiling is recommended.
  • Standardised: meet and exceed all established European standards.
  • Test Load Certificate: each hoist is tested to 125% of its rated load.
  • Maximum warranty: 3-year basic warranty (1 year for chain and permanent steering).
  • Liability: each hoist is covered by its liability insurance policy linked to its serial number.
  • Competitiveness: guaranteed cost-effectiveness over many years of work.

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