Training and consultancy


People who work with lifting equipment must be updated on all aspects of the regulatory framework affecting these devices. The goal is to protect the safety of people, goods and the environment.

Amenabar offers all its clients and users a training plan on using and maintaining lifting equipment.

We offer:

  • Experienced instructors with extensive knowledge and expertise
  • Tailored advice to adapt to the client’s training requirements
  • Online, workshop, on-site and in-home training courses
  • General occupational health and safety concepts
  • Instruction on inspection and maintenance protocols for lifting elements according to regulations
  • Practical training
  • Content assimilation test
  • AMENABAR aptitude certificates at the end of the course

Amenabar offers technical courses at both the user and professional level, with training aimed at mastering the necessary knowledge to handle lifting elements in a safe manner.

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