Would you like to be a lifting specialist, too?

We are looking for distributors

At Amenabar, we are aware of the importance of distributors in the industrial sector when it comes to responding to the requirements of our clients and optimising time, costs, quality and performance.

For this reason, we have included in our business strategy the partnership between people or organisations that can join us in our expansion project. We are seeking enthusiastic and willing team members to join us in a group project to help us develop in new areas and markets, offering excellent products and services.

Thanks to more than 60 years of experience in the industrial sector and operating in various markets, supported by a solid human team, we help our distributors achieve their important sales commitments. At Amenabar, we are not only looking for distributors; we are also looking for partners who want to join the Amenabar team of specialists.

Take full advantage of all the benefits and become our PARTNER. We offer the possibility of distributing an extensive range of products and services for all market sectors.