Logistics and transport

Logistics is an ever-growing sector. Amenabar, aware of the needs of this sector in terms of flexibility and adaptability, designs, manufactures and installs lifting equipment and crane systems to improve the efficiency within the different operators.

Our goal is to solve our clients’ lifting and load-handling problems. We offer our range of hoists, manual pulleys, booms, slings and other elements, as well as our design, advice, installation and maintenance service. All that the sector demands in transport, internal logistics and large-scale distribution, adapting to the requirements of robotised warehouses within logistics 4.0.

Products and services

Electric hoists, trolleys and pulleys for lifting in machine sheds, forklift loading bays, workshops and robotised warehouses (picking machines, transport trolleys and stand-alone depalletisers).

Light booms and overhead cranes for vertical warehouses, unloading or picking areas.

Detachable booms and hoists for auxiliary lifting and general maintenance.

Comprehensive services for logistics and transport