Booms, special cranes and on-site projects


Amenabar booms are ideal for the placement of different lifting devices, such as hoists or any other equipment. Their versatility makes it possible to make the most of existing dimensions, and they can be fastened to walls as well as to existing columns.

The AMEALU-500 boom is a practical, dismountable, efficient and safe lifting solution that contributes to improving response capacity. Its lightweight aluminium structure ensures portability and makes it easy to work in hard-to-reach places. A single person can assemble the crane quickly and safely.

Our product portfolio also includes outriggers, light overhead cranes and any other lifting element required by the client. We work on the development of special products, we carry out all types of projects on-site, and we guarantee the best comprehensive turnkey service with:

  • Design and installation of booms, gantries and other elements.
  • Installation of hoists, mobile power supplies, cable-cutting trolleys and protected lines, among others.
  • Maintenance of installations.

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