Manual hoists


Safety and cost-saving as an alternative


  • Maximum safety: patented instant-action safety brake.
  • High reliability: the permanent steering system patented by Amenabar prevents the load chain from jamming or breaking.
  • Multipurpose: can operate in any position: vertical, horizontal and inverted.
  • Maximum service life: designed and manufactured to work at full load in the most severe conditions for years.
  • Minimal maintenance: only chain oiling is recommended.
  • Standardised: meet and exceed all established European standards.
  • Test Load Certificate: each hoist is tested to 125% of its rated load.
  • Maximum warranty: 5-year basic warranty (1 year for chain).
  • Liability: each hoist is covered by its liability insurance policy linked to its serial number.
  • Competitiveness: guaranteed cost-effectiveness over many years of work.

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