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Amenabar Special Products

Hand Chain Hoist fitted to the “reduced height” Trolley

This type of Amenabar chain hoist enables its use in places of reduced height. The height loss is minimum, due to the fact that the load hook is lifted on the chain hoist side.  It can be supplied with a hand driven or a chain trolley.

Synchronized Chain Hoist

The lifting of heavy loads requires suspension from more than one fixed point. In this case it is essential to guarantee a synchronized movement of all the units intervening in the lifting process and in this way avoid the overloading of any of the units or parts of the load to be lifted.

Amenabar advises you and provides the appropriate solution to your specific requirements and/or problems.

Inverted Chain Hoist

For portable applications, the use of a chain hoist that operates in an inverted position reduces the effort of the operation. As it is not necessary to hang the chain hoist from the part to be suspended, it is sufficient to hang or fix the hook of the chain hoist to part of the structure. On the other hand, the supporting effort required is reduced as the hook weighs far less than the body of the chain hoist.

The exclusive Amenabar permanent guidance system allows the inverted operation of its chain hoists without the need to make important modifications to the unit.

Geared Trolley to Chain Hoist

The trolley to chain hoist are recommended by Amenabar :

  • When smooth and highly precise control is required for the lateral movement of the loads.

  • When short movements need to be performed.

  • When the load is very heavy.

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